Schrotthagen is a techno producer duo composed of Giovanni Berg and Dieter Schleip. Giovanni Berg was born in Munich and received extensive musical training that nurtured his talent in classical music, jazz improvisation, and composition. Dieter Schleip embarked on his musical journey as a guitarist and keyboardist in various punk bands before transitioning to film scoring. Both artists have had long careers in the film and television industry and were closely collaborating even before their joint music career.
Last year, Giovanni Berg and Dieter Schleip decided to merge their passion for techno, forming the duo Schrotthagen and venturing into techno productions. The unique collaboration between these longtime friends is evident in their innovative music, characterized by captivating beats and electronic sounds. Their distinctive sound, which fuses various music genres and styles, sets them apart from other producers.
The duo, consisting of 61-year-old Dieter Schleipp and 27-year-old Giovanni Berg, quickly rose to the pinnacle of the techno scene within just seven months, despite their age difference. With their distinctive blend of cinematic sound and modern techno, they garnered international acclaim in record time. Although their catalog comprises only 16 tracks, they secured over 34 placements on the iTunes charts worldwide.
In an impressively short time, Schrotthagen has achieved remarkable success. Their music has been streamed over 15 million times on Spotify, and they have amassed a significant following on TikTok with 180,000 followers and on Instagram with over 180,000 and 61.000 on Spotify. On Spotify, Schrotthagen quickly reached 200k monthly listeners, underscoring their exceptional talent and ability to captivate audiences with their techno productions.