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Munich based electronic music agency founded in 2015.

As our name "NXTOU" (pronounced 'next to you') makes clear, our focus is on the immediate proximity to our business partners, our artists and of course our customers. In addition to our core competence of looking after young and individual artists with regard to their marketing, the handling of shows and their accounting. We are also work in the service sector and organise various events for high class gastronomy brands and other corporate clients. NXTOU has a variety of event management services at your disposal. Our expert team is made up of fiercely creative, passionate and innovative event professionals from all corners of the globe, with vastly different background and experiences. This diversity is the secret to our creativity and inspiration. It enables us to develop innovative ideas of different cultures with contact to the audience. We will be your point-people in planning and executing your event and help you through every step of the process as well. Our graphic designers will help to create a strategically design for your homepage, your flyer etc. which encompass your goals and budget. Due to our wide network we are able to look after: Event design, Budgeting, Site selection, Contract negotiation, Sponsorship, Transportation support and Ticketing.

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