Interview: Julian Wassermann and Florian Kruse releasing „Orust“ via Kompakt Records

Interview: Julian Wassermann and Florian Kruse releasing „Orust“ via Kompakt Records

It was only a few months back that Julian Wassermann and Florian Kruse collaborated for the first time on the track 'GOTLAND’ and signed it to the prestigious label Kompakt Records and their infamous SPEICHER X series.

The track went around the world and was played by stars like Tale of Us, Joris Voorn, Kölsch, Matador and many others. Now they deliver again with another collaboration on a track called 'ORUST’ that proves that this studio romance is not anywhereclose from coming to an end. Together they succeed in producing an extraordinarily captivating sound with love for peak time restraint and release. We want to find out more about Julian Wassermann and Florian Kruse.

Your first release "Gotland" with Florian Kruse was a big success, how did you find out that even Tale of Us played your track?

Julian Wassermann: This is quite a funny story, because I was already in bed, when I was suddenly tagged in a Facebook live video. Someone was filming at the Afterlife event in Milan. At the same time I received a whatsapp of a friend, who send me a video of his friend. Tale of Us were playing 'Gotland‘! What an incredible feeling!

I guess that each of you has his own special skill set you use in your production. What are your unique and individual traits that make you stand out and complement each other?

Florian Kruse: I have always been thinking that I am fast in the process of finishing a track until I met Julian. He has the talent to work on music fully concentrated and to create full arrangements within hours. It’s actually a very productive way we have figured out to collaborate. For example: We both agree on the tempo of the track and start finding elements for the idea we were talking about before. We share the folders and combine the sounds. We talk a lot on the phone as there is a bit of a distance between Hamburg and Munich. Once we have found the major elements everything goes very fast. We are both very passionate producers and still have a lot of motivation to keep things moving forward.

'Orust' will be released on 16th August 2019 via Kompakt Records

Who and what influenced your music mostly?

Julian Wassermann: There are some influences to mention. An important one of them is definitely Laurent Garnier. A great personality with a lot of charisma and passion. A great role model!

How would you describe your sound?

Florian Kruse: It’s actually hard to descibe a sound and put it into a box labeled with a genre. If I would do so I think I'd need to cut it into pieces and put it in melodic, acid, house and techno.

Which record you caught yourself playing often lately which maybe was even a pleasant surprise to yourself?

Julian Wassermann: 37 Degrees by Oliver Huntemann – a classic tune from 2006. Timeless!

Do you always follow the latest, most up-to-date sounds and let them influence you?

Florian Kruse: As a DJ you are always influenced by the 'new sound’ and you want to play unheard and new material. As a producer you can try to avoid that and keep on doing what you are doing best with your own signature sounds. I love to be influenced by both worlds. Music from the past and the new stuff. I think 'Gotland’ is a good example for that. It has elements from the 90’s with it’s 303 bassline and the 909 drum sounds and it also has a very modern metallic bell sound which sounds futuristic and new.

You are an integral part of NXTOU, how is it like to be in such a young agency?

Julian Wassermann: I feel very comfortable and trust Stefan's work completely. Experience is not everything!
Ambition and dedication are equally important. We are a great group of interesting acts.

Florian Kruse: 'Julian is definitely the fun character'

When being such a close family with all the NXTOU members I guess you know each other really well. Who would you say is the fun maker in the group and who would be the most stubborn artist?

Florian Kruse: Hahaha, that’s a good question. Yes, we know each other well and it’s always fun to hang out with this bunch of people. Julian is definitely the fun character here but all of us never forget to make enough jokes to keep on smiling.

What can we expect on your rider when booking you?

Julian Wassermann: Actually I'm loving beer a lot. I'm always happy to try local brands. But I also like to drink good rum with cola.

In the last few years, technically speaking, it has become easier and easier to become a DJ and there are tons of DJs nowadays. Do DJs also have to attract attention outside of music in order to be successful?

Florian Kruse: I think it really helps being interesting on the socials. It’s sad to say that but it sometimes feels like this became even more important than the quality of the music.

What was your strangest experience as a producer or DJ so far?

Julian Wassermann: There are of course some crazy stories that have happened in the past years. Many of them I have repressed or forgotten – haha.
Just not long ago, I received a very strange message. One person claimed that I used his vocal sample for one of my older tracks. I wrote him that he was unfortunately wrong and told him about the sampled singer. I thought the misunderstanding would be over quickly. His answer was surprising and crazy! He said that my real singer would not be able to get that voice color right (the vocal was a pitched vox). Even after I had sent him my sources, he did not stop. Sometimes it is sad and crazy what people claim.

Can we expect more common projects in the future?

Florian Kruse: Yes you can! We’ve been cooking more tracks and some of them are already signed.