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Frankfurt based A*S*Y*S aka Frank Ellrich has been a frequent player on the global dance scene since 2000. His outstanding studio productions, ranging from acid odysseys to driving hard funky floor fillers continue to set dance floors ablaze across the world! He has performed on multiple clubs and music festivals, from legendary Time Warp in Mannheim to EDC Las Vegas. Until today, he has covered more than 20 countries across five continents.
His music shares a vision for the techno and harder genres, which is equal parts euphoric and energetic whilst laced with his signature pounding groove and acid undertones. With his own unique production and style, A*S*Y*S has influenced entire genres through his career at Tracid Traxxx and his own label Fe-Records.
While he has sought progress and innovation throughout his career, he always stayed true to his passion which is the ultimate dynamic energy combined with the one element that makes the difference: acid has been the soul of A*S*Y*S until today and it is a huge fulfillment to him that techno gives a home to the music he lives and creates.
In Summer 2018 A*S*Y*S founded his sublabel Fe Chrome with a clear view and vision on how to further enrich and inspire the techno scene.
Tracks like The Acid, Freedom of Expression, Dark Light, AC/ID, No Tech or his classics Acid Nightmare are one of those heard at many events and festivals around the globe as they gained support by Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, Whebba, Umek and many more.
With the 4th release on Fe Chrome A*S*Y*S - The Acid. A*S*Y*S made his trademark in to Beatport, as the track went to #1 Beatport Techno Top 100 Chart and kept that spot for around 6 weeks in a row! The Acid even floated for one year in the Beatport charts.
A*S*Y*S occasionally releases on other labels like Suara, Filth on Acid or in the near future at Autektone owned by T78. Their former collaboration AC/ID (Fe Chrome) went #2 Beatport Techno Top 100 in November 2019.
masterminds. Their latest collaboration AC/ID peaked at #2 on All these figures combined made A*S*Y*S number #4 of the best-selling Techno artist on Beatport (July 2020). Not only by Beatport is he a very welcomed artist, Spotify users like him too, as he gained over 7.000.000 plays in the last two years!
Keep your eye on A*S*Y*S if you are hooked by the acid undertones just like him.