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20. August 2017
NXTOU - Future Proof
21. August 2017
Genji Yoshida & Haeppy Van Mazn
Genji Yoshida & Haeppy Van Mazn
18. August 2017

Talul aka Feras Kabbara is a music producer, dj and dearly musician from Dresden, Germany. He releases records on labels such as Parquet Recordings, Steyoyoke, Subjekt Recordings, SUOL, Click and other internationally known labels.

Talul has played in places as diverse as Seoul in South Korea, Miami, Dubai, Beirut - all big cities in Europe and whole German-speaking countries. His music is art from the heart that explores music beyond genre limitations and picks up influences as far as the far east.

"It's a slice of beautifully electronic sound that sends a shiver down your spine!"

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