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Haeppy Van Mazn

13. May 2017
NXTOU - Genji Yoshida
Genji Yoshida
13. May 2017
NXTOU - Jonas Woehl
Jonas Woehl
13. May 2017

Based in Munich and with croatian roots, Häppy van Mazn is deejaying for more than twenty years. Therefore the musical frame in his pulsing Technosets is rooting back into the early 90ies. „Intelligent Sounds don't have an expiry date.“ He loves producing, organizing and touring back to back through the clubs with his best buddy Genji Yoshida. Häppy is a regular at Kater Blau, Klunkerkranich and Wilde Renate in Berlin, Rote Sonne, various festivals all over Germany and Pimpernel in Munich as well as Telefone Rose in Annecy, France.

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