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Dole & Kom

13. August 2017
Moe Danger
Moe Danger
16. August 2017
Alex Preda
12. August 2017

With "A Thousand Dances" on 3000 Grad Records, D&K´ already put out some quality release right at the beginning of 2017. Their current productions are based on their unique sound we love, but this time more straight forward and less melodic with focus on the rhythm. In this context, it´s no surprise that D&K are releasing their newest EP on Format B´s label Formatik. Their track “All That Scratchin´” is featured on Safe Music Records Old Vibe series as well as their track “Top of the Snare” popped up on the first compilation of the Berliner Criminal Bassline Crew. Last but not least you can find recent DJ sets, podcasts and the free downloadable track “Majola” feat Christiane Holtz playing the violin on the SC site.

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