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12. August 2017
12. August 2017
Crazy Sonic
12. August 2017

is a DJ and Producer that has been in the World of Music for twenty years now. Born in Bosnia and grown up in Germany he started Music School in the age of 6! In the late nineties as a resident DJ and Manager of one of the best end of the 90s clubs in Germany (Stock Werk, Karlsruhe), then hopping around festivals for a few years, living in Ibiza for the better part of the 2000s.

2010 he went to Munich, signed under the Hator Records under the name Herzrasen as of 2013. Since 2015 he is focusing more on production and new releases and RMX like (Fool You, Show Me as Herzrasen). He changed his artist name and made his first EP under ALCHEMISTA - Woman EP with RMX from ILONA MARAS and MILAN EURINGER which was released on Hator Records!

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